“It was so easy to draw our son, our niece, and some game-loving neighbors into playing multiple rounds of Eye2i. The results of pairing everyday photos with (often) improbable explanations had ALL of us either groaning or laughing – great game!”

Jim from Maine

“Like all the best games, Eye2i is compulsively addictive. Even after my friends and I finished playing, we kept pulling cards from the deck. “One more round,” we kept saying. The cards lead to photos, of course, but the best part is hearing the stories that emerge from those pictures, and the banter that comes along with them: “I can’t believe you wore that…” “Wait, he’s eating what?” “I don’t know if we can still be friends now that I’ve seen this.” A wonderful game for friends, families, or even, complete strangers!

Brian from Vermont

“Eye2i is awesome to play in the dorm with all my friends! It’s funny to see what weird stuff people take pictures of and how competitive they can get!”

Shanti from New York

“This game is engaging because it makes you think about how language and visual skills can be integrated!”

Kristine from Massachusetts

“Our 13 year-old played Eye2i for the first time this week. Now she’s busy planning an Eye2i Slumber Party for the school vacation and taking a wide variety of pictures so she’ll be ready!”

Erica from Oregon