The object of Eye2i™ is to convince the judge that your photo is the best match for the Phrase Card; having the best match enables you to roll the dice and navigate the game board. Players take turns being the judge as they race against the clock to find either a literal or figurative match to the Phrase Card from their photo library.

Eye2i™ is competitive, but, since there are no “right” or “wrong” answers, describing your photo with a bit of technical jargon, a heartfelt sentiment or even a little singing can tip the scale for a less than perfect photograph.

The first player to reach the end of the board wins.


Anyone can play Eye2i™

All you need is a device with a digital photo library like a phone, tablet, computer or camera.Eye2i™ is perfect for “Family Game Night” at home or “Pizza Night” at the dorm. It’s fun to play across generations with your family members or as an ice breaker with new friends. There are 5 game tokens provided but if you have more people, you can form teams.

Even if one player has 100 photos on a tablet and another has 1,000 photos on a phone, the board itself adds elements of strategy and chance that can level the playing field. Sometimes fewer is better!


The Eye2i™ logo looks in two directions. The backwards lowercase “e” signifies 2 people, face-to-face, playing eye-to-eye, across a table.

The logo can also be seen as 2 eyes looking directly at you, engaging you to play the game.

The “i” in Eye2i™ is more than just short hand for innovative technology. The images stored in our digital libraries represent how we see the world…from the inspirational to the inane. Our photographs are a reflection of the person we each call “I” and they serve to illustrate what captures our IMAGINATIONS.